The town crier

The town crier

Documentary Film

The town crier was born from the meeting with Gennaro Muto, a kind of archetypal figure from Scampia, northern suburb of Naples. Gennaro tells about a neighborhood different from the cliché that over the years was built by national and international media. The main character, dreams to become a town crier, thanks to his ability to create wide relationships because of his inexhaustible energy and fantasy, that everyday are cultivated with the support of the associations of the quarter. Gennaro is a user of the mental health center in Scampia. He is also a member of the theatrical and pedagogical group Arrevuoto and on of the founder of the first Murga band in Naples, called Banda Baleno. So, he has managed to make creative paths in response to his disability. The short film “The town crier” is the last creative and irreverent invention, not conforming to any standard, born after the meeting with Gennaro and the visual ethnography. The short film became the occasion for a workshop to realize the dream to become a town crier, like a freedoms practice in spite of the social and urban constrictions due to mental disability.

Production: NACNE

In collaboration with: AntropicA

Direction and Photography: Parsifal Reparato

Screenplay: Parsifal Reparato, Fabrizio Nardi

Editing: Armando Duccio Ventriglia

Music: Carlo Faiello, Dolores Melodia

Animation: Irene Tedeschi

Director Assistant: Emma Ferulano

Camera Operators: Parsifal Reparato, Stefano Petti, Eugenio Persico, Tony Costagliola

Sound engineer: Federico Schiavi

Color Correction: Sebastiano Greco

Audio Mix : Luca Ranieri

with: Gennaro Muto

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