Mas allá de la Santería

The HIV experience becomes a brillant video-tale based on the protagonist’s narration. The viewer is confidentially invited to listen at HIV-infected story life and take part in
a long path through the Santeria and the fight against aids in Cuba. The movie addresses how the National Health System approach promotes prevention and alternative therapies beyond biomedicine, as well as priests of the Santeria become protagonists of a speech that goes beyond religion.

The ethnografic field work in Cuba shows how unseparable are health care, religion and communication at once. The HIV-infected shares his experience with an anthropologist-observer and the image easily expresses feelings and behaviors as clues of his personal identity. The documentary is part of the Master Thesis in Medical Anthropology on the experience of illness and HIV treatment programs in the Cuban Santeria. The field work lasted 5 months and the documentary received the patronage of the University of Rome La Sapienza.


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