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Parsifal Reparato was born in Naples, from childhood nurtures a strong passion for art, with an eye to social issues.

In 2004 he moved to Rome to pursue his studies in anthropology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. In college years he began to cultivate a passion for photography. The photograph in black and white, Parsifal is fascinating for its ability to grasp more sensitively the meaning of his subjects, for the intellectual and emotional involvement that draws a picture in b / w. And the ability to play with light that gives the film and the magic in the darkroom are only possible with film.

In the same years Parsifal increases its professionalism in the world of cinema. It is formed in the direction of photography with Roberto Girometti. Through the pictures wants to give comments on the world around him. The path that follows, traveling on a double track between anthropology and the visual arts. With the aim of join two actually still too far away, Parsifal is working to renovate and bring the academic world outside its walls through cinema.

During his university years before Parsifal brings forward a research on the integration of the Senegalese community in his hometown and at the end of his academic career was approved the research project of medical anthropology, the therapeutic pathways in Cuban Santería. In Cuba, Parsifal uses the camera as a useful tool of ethnographic survey: a “catalyst of events that can connect two” worlds “intimately.” It is a way of making documentary films where the idea emphasizes the fact that it is the truth of a meeting rather than an absolute truth or undeniable. Parsifal comes to the hypothesis of using the camera as a therapeutic tool and this research comes from his first documentary “Mas allá de la Santería” – Special Mention at Procida Film Festival 2013 – produced in 2011.

In 2012 produced the second documentary “Villa Villa Vigna” on biodiversity and on the choice of a group of young people to build an alternative lifestyle and possibly healthier than that imposed by the urban rhythms and massificati. The documentary was produced for the competition “Rural4Youth” of the Ministry of Agriculture and was awarded a special mention.

Parsifal is currently working on his project “Nimble fingers“, a documentary film shot in Vietnam, about the rights of young factory workers, the film takes shape as a result of an anthropological research carried out in recent years.

The purpose of the site is to summarize and give shape to this complex path that sees a constant exchange between anthropology and art, ranging from photography to poetry, from cinema to theater to music.

The images, scripts, stories presented here turn to give inputs that may be useful to give a shape to a path all still experimental in the making. To construct a narrative with the participation of many is necessary that the public is active, the reader or viewer “receives” the message of the text componendolo.

Parsifal as well as attempts to engage the experience of others and to take it with involvement, so the viewer is invited to hear the stories from the heart, in order to begin to weave a dialogue that see us together in the world to understand each other. Only in this way it is possible to extract a configuration, engaging in a kind of aesthetic synthesis through which the whole – the story, the plot, the virtual text – gradually comes into being.

Everyone can make the most of this experience and extrapolate meaning only if it is intended that the production of meaning is neither inherent in the text nor the structure alone, nor the activity of the reader only, but to the interaction between reader and text;


Unni Wikan: it is a move beyond words, simply because the words are not everything, and because there is no other that allows interaction.